• Smart Hotel Door Lock Remote Management Airbnb Phone Unlocking Lock
  • Smart Hotel Door Lock Remote Management Airbnb Phone Unlocking Lock
  • Smart Hotel Door Lock Remote Management Airbnb Phone Unlocking Lock
  • Smart Hotel Door Lock Remote Management Airbnb Phone Unlocking Lock
  • Smart Hotel Door Lock Remote Management Airbnb Phone Unlocking Lock
  • Smart Hotel Door Lock Remote Management Airbnb Phone Unlocking Lock

Smart Hotel Door Lock Remote Management Airbnb Phone Unlocking Lock

Type: Qr Code
Material: Alloy
Surface Treatment: Brushed Nickel
Style: Modern
Remote Control: with Key on APP
Power Type: DC
US$ 200/Piece 1 Piece(Min.Order)
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Data Storage Types
Pearl Chromium
Hotel, Household, Commercial, Apartment
Open Ways
APP Barcode and RFID Card and Mechanical Keys
Door Thickness
Power Supply
4PCS AA Battery
Low Battery Alarming
4.8V, Still Can Opened 200 Times
APP Name
Qrmaster and Qrkey, English Language
Card Frequency
Remore Management
Visitor Key
Support Time Limit Key
Opening Ways
Qr Code, Bluetooth, Card, Metal Key
OEM Service
Can Print Logo on Lock
Transport Package
Foam Box
Guangdong, China
HS Code
Production Capacity

Product Description

Smart Hotel Door lock Apartment Remote Management Scanning Qr Code Qr Lock


1. QRLOCK is a new kind of lock system which can use phone App to get key, manage key, share key online. 
Have own phone APP and QRcode recognition technology.
Special unique QRcode encoding and decoding system can avoid intended copy and information leakage.
Integrate offline door lock with online key. Get rid of complex internet wires, wifi machines and unstable network.
5. Scanning QRcode is very frequently operation during people's daily life.

1. A lock can be opened by phone app.
2. A lock can manage its key online.
3. A lock can set key limitation anytime and anywhere.
4. A lock can be remote managed.
5. A lock which is off-line, no need any network, but its key is online and changeable.
6. A lock, its keys can be shared via SMS and email.

Smart Hotel Door Lock Remote Management Airbnb Phone Unlocking Lock
Material: Zinc and Acrylic
Installation: Wooden door / steel door etc
Door thickness: 38-70 mm
Unlocking ways: QR code, App, card, key
Panel size: W70 X L300 mm
Color: black, chromium, can customize
Power: 4pcs AA Alkaline batteries
Battery life: about 10 months
Emergency power supply: USB port
Static currency: <120mA
Dynamic currency: <300mA
Working temperature: -10~+70ºC
Working humidity: ≤85%
Net weight: 3.5 kg
Package: foam box and carton
Software: support English
API: support

Recent hotel users pain points
Smart Hotel Door Lock Remote Management Airbnb Phone Unlocking Lock

QRLOCK Advantages

Service quality is the lifeblood of hotel management. But how to strengthen hotel service management? How to provide excellent service? How to build core competition advantages? And How to play a leading role in the rapid changing and competitive market?  These are still questions that many hotel managers and professionals try to find the answer. With the prevail of new e-commerce platform O2O (combine with offline business institution and internet, make internet as front stage of offline trade ), mobile information management service platform developed in hotel industry. The convenience of this platform has been highlighted by customers.

1) Change the traditional marketing mode, and integrate the hotel internal management and eternal marketing for the hotel multi-channel promotion and marketing;
  2) Bring customer efficient and fashionable self-consumption concept which make the reservation,payment, check-in and service consumption easy and quick,safe, personalized and fashionable;
  3) Simplify the operation steps for the front desk, improve the hotel overall efficiency, Optimize configuration of the hotel human resources and reduce the total cost for the hotel;
  4) Benefit for expanding hotel service, make the hotel become the advertisement platform of the nearby business district, then could add the profit for the hotel;

  5) It is convenient for hotel staff to check the operation condition, know about current situation of the hotel. And this is to the benefit of the chain hotel management.
  6) Guests do not need to wait for a long time at the front desk.
  7) Guest do not need to worry about language barrier, just need to do everything online.
  8) Guest is easy to share the keys online to his visitors. Sometimes guest needs to pick up his visitor on the first floor.
  9) Guest is easy to find nearby business circles if that is a strange city.

Successful Hotel Cases

Ibis hotel located in Guangzhou city;
XY apartment hotel located in Beijing city;
Entron Hotel located in Italy Bologna city;
House hotel located in Italy Milan city;

 Hotel System Structure

QR Code Hotel Door Lock System is consist of: hardware equipment including QR code digital door lock, energy saver, thermal printer, thermal printing paper, and software containing hotel management system(PMS), center reservation system (CRS) and Client (APP), which has different choice for the hotel situation. The system can achieve hotel VIP management, room booking, payment, lock management, value-added consumption, staff management and etc, make it a real of "Smart hotel, one code to open all doors".

Smart Hotel Door Lock Remote Management Airbnb Phone Unlocking Lock

App management system:

Smart Hotel Door Lock Remote Management Airbnb Phone Unlocking Lock

Company Information
      Shaoguan Innovate Technology Equipment Corporation is a high-tech enterprise in mainland China, which was founded in 2007 and located in Shaoguan city, Guangdong province. It mainly concentrates on smart lock design, development, manufacturing, marketing, training and maintenance. Its main products include QR code lock, Bluetooth lock, RFID card lock, fingerprint password lock, cabinet lock, energy saving switch, room number display, touch screen switch, hotel PMS system and other accessory products. These products are widely used in hotel, guest house, office, apartment, residence, gym and school.
      Covering an area of 4000 square meters, Innovate company has its own hardware workshop, assembly workshop, warehouse, showroom and office. It has a group of professional hardware engineers and software engineers, skilled workers and a rich number of advanced machines like die-casting machine, testing machine, laser printing machine, packing machine and etc. With its strong technical advantage, Innovate Company has the ability to develop and manufacture creative products which are well welcomed by the market. Its products are hot selling both at home and abroad, widely accept by countries like Italy, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Korea and etc.
   After 13 years development, Innovate is now one of the top ten brands of smart lock in China. So far, it owns more than 20 domestic patents and one international patent. It has passed the "National Testing for Quality of Security & Safety Alarm System Products" and obtained the production of qualified registered certifications, CE, SGS.
      Innovate company is looking forward to establishing long-term business relationship with you. We will give all customers strong support with the most advanced technology and the most sincere service. Please contact us to learn about our global agency recruitment program.

Smart Hotel Door Lock Remote Management Airbnb Phone Unlocking Lock

FAQ about QRlock system:
1.What is QRLOCK?
Answer: QRLOCK is a door lock unlocked by scanning QR code key which generated from phone Application. And in order to satisfy user's needs and requirements of different service conditions, there are models with password and RF card unlocking functions for option.

2.Does the QRLOCK need to connect the internet? If the lock is off-line, how does it know the QR code key is correct or wrong?
Answer: No, QRLOCK is off-line, but the lock key (QR code) is on-line. After installed the QRLOCK, we need to use QRMASTER App to configure the lock. After the lock is configured, the lock will remember the encrypted code for this room and recent time. Every QRcode key is encrypted with two information: room code and valid time. When guest scan the QRcode to the door lock, the lock decode the QRcode, and check the code and time. If the code is correct and it is in the key valid time now, then lock open; if the room code is wrong or it is not in the key valid time, then the lock won't open.

3.The QRLOCK can be remote controlled?
Answer: There are two concepts of "remote control", one is remote open and close by phone, another is remote transfer the key. Because QRLOCK do not connect with network, so it can't be opened or closed by the remote phone. Only the QRcode key can be remote transferred and deleted.

4. Where can use the QRLOCK?
Answer: QRLOCK includes door lock and access control reader and elevator control reader and other accessory products, which can be used in hotel, apartment, office, residential places, school, storage box and other extended areas.

5. How to get QR code key? Is it complex? Can we use a third party App?
Answer: According to different conditions, people can get QR code key from different methods. We QRLOCK company provide QRMASTER management system which includes functions of lock setting, lock management, authority assignment, getting QR code key. It is for lock manager use, not complex to operate, please follow the manual. QRLOCK company also provide QRKey App for users which includes functions of get QRcode key, search and pay hotel room. This App is also very easy to use.

If someone wants to use the third party software to get QR code key, we can supply API SDK interface. But the SDK is charged yearly, not free. The SDK is only for guest QRcode, not for manager QRcode. With the third party phone App, the user can booking, making payment, getting key from it. And also can get nearby shopping place and restaurants and games on the third party App. Because of key, guests will use this App often. And the App can insert numerous information, not only QRcode key, that is the additional value. But manager should still use QRMaster App to manage his locks.

6. Is the QRLOCK powered by electric or battery?
Answer: The QR door lock is powered by 4 pcs AA batteries, which can be used for about 3-5 months. When the voltage is lower than 4.8V, the lock will alarm to change battery. The QR access control reader and elevator control reader is powered by electric line.

7. How about the warranty?
Answer: warranty is 2 years.

8. If use QRLOCK in hotel, does guest still need to register in reception desk?
Answer: If the hotel do not need to check guest ID or passport, hotel can issue QRcode key to guest directly after received payment.

But there are many hotels will need to check guest ID card or passport. Then he can set on the QRInn system to require ID card photo or passport photo. After guest upload it, then he can get the QR code key.

9. Is the QRLOCK safe enough? How about if anyone copy my QRcode?
Answer: A QRcode is only valid for 3 minutes (this valid time can be changed from 1 minute to 30 minutes), do not need to worry about the security, even though someone will take photo of my QRcode, but after a very short time, the QRcode will be invalid. But the changeable QRcode won't make users feel it is complex operation, users just need to press the QRcode or shake his phone to refresh the QRcode.

And the QRcode is encrypted with unique method, it is hard to decode it. And the QR data is saved in Alibaba cloud server, they has strong ability to against hacker attack.

10.Does QRLOCK has other unlocking functions in case no power of the phone, or the elder people who do not use smart phone ?
Answer: Yes, QRLOCK has other unlocking functions. For hotel, we suggest the model QR-05/ QR-02 which can be unlocked by QRcode and mifare card. For home or office use, we suggest the model QR-03MR which can be unlocked by QRcode, mifare card and password.

11.Why QRLOCK is so expensive?
Answer: According to the product material,appearance and function, different models have different prices. We will try the best to save cost, but there is a camera inside, so the cost will be higher than normal RF card lock. The value of a product is not the product itself, but the value that the product can bring to the user. QR lock really means that it can give users more security and convenience, increase the collaboration between human beings, and get more efficient and more social benefits.

12.What are the advantages of QR lock compared with wifi and blue tooth lock on the market now?
Answer: QR lock compared with other mobile phone unlock products, the most significant advantage is that the door lock hardware does not require any network support, also don't need to connect with electric wire, which is convenient for the installation of door locks. Besides, its remote key management function, sharing key function, valid time control function and level authority management function all are very convenient and useful. Besides, QR lock will not be easy to be hacked as wifi lock.

13.Is it QR lock have the opening record ?
Answer: Yes, QR lock has opening records. There are 3 types records: 1) Sharing record, you can see who has the right to get the room key. 2) Check on website platform, you can see who got the room key during a specific time 3) Collect from the lock, you can get a record with when and who had opened the lock. By the way, the QR access controller has a wifi transfer function which can upload the opening records immediately to the phone App. The QR door lock do not have this function, because it costs a lot of power, the lock can't support it.

Other questions about QRlock system, please feel free to contact us.

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